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Horrible service


While they have great products if your go-between isn't helpful it's horrible! You can't just call the company and get help. Completely back words. Customer Service You can't call the company directly. If you do they will tell you to call your agent and they can't help you themselves. Available Plans The plans are fairly good but I have no idea what I could have picked from, again see above comments.



Very reasonably priced


This is an okay insurance company for  auto insurance. Have been happy with the policy overall. Very reasonably priced and good value for the money. The only downfall has been with the billing. Have not received bills and was supposed to be deducted from my bank account but that never happened.

Orange City, FL


There are better places to go for insurance


I had insurance with encompass several years ago.  I never had any traffic accidents or tickets, that is until the very end.  I had gotten into one little accident, which was not my fault.  A guy backed into me as I was driving past him in a parking lot, clearly NOT my fault.  I called and asked if I should file a claim with them, or if I should pursue it through their insurance.  They said if I filed a claim, my rates would definately go up.  Additionally, they only had 2 auto shops they suggested in my town, neither were that reputable. I ended up going through the other person's insurance to get my car fixed.  Next billing cycle, my rates jumped significantly.  They went up pervious years by very modest ammounts, but a lot after that accident.  I called and asked them what it was all about, they said it was because of the accident.  What nerve, they didn't have to lift a finger for my accident, and then came back and jacked up my rates. Needless to say, I am with another insurance company, which actually LOWERS my rate every billing cycle.  I have also consequently became fond of little green lizards ;)

Vineland, NJ


Stay away from Encompass


I have been with Encompass since 2002.  I have my house and 4 cars insured with them.  I have never had a claim.  However, my rates go up an average of 20 to 25 percent each year with no explanation.  Customer service is rude and claim they know nothing about the reason for the increases.  I have not moved because of the bad opinions of most insurance companies.  I have had it this year.  I am currently trying to find another insurer.

Las Vegas, NV



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