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inStep Run Around LTD Double Jogging Stroller

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I take this stroller EVERYWHERE!


I love this stroller! I have had the InStep Run Around Double Jogger Stroller for more than 3 years now and I have put hundreds of miles on it. It still has all of the original parts. I take it on flat trails and have even taken it on hiking trails.The seat back leans back so if you have a small baby, or a sleeping child, this stroller will accommodate them as well. My kids are now getting to be a bit too old for the stroller, but when we go to theme parks and other places with a lot of walking, I still take this along so they don't have to walk all day. It folds up small enough to fit in the trunk of my small car. My one complaint is that it does not have a swivel wheel. I started out with a regular double stroller and hated it. I would highly recommend a jogger stroller to anyone with two young kids. This particular product has endured a great deal and is still in great shape. I would absolutely recommend the Instep brand.  Great buy.

New Stanton, PA


InSTEP Run Around 2 Double 11-KS280 Jogger Stroller is great!


I love my **InSTEP Run Around 2 Double 11-KS280 Jogger Stroller!  **I appreciate the smoothness of the ride for my children along with the ease of navigating this stroller as I run.  I think running with this stroller has actually improved my posture.  When my hands are in a fixed position, my upper body is taller, and I can focus more on my lower body.  The adjustable shade is so easily movable that I can tilt it while running.  The main issue I have with my stroller is that while running with the swivel wheel in the unlocked position, it randomly starts to shake the entire stroller so much that I have to stop.  I usually just run in the locked mode, but I then have to deal with tilting... not horrible, but I was hoping to run with swivel to navigate the curves more easily.  The only other problem I've had is that the seats are not separated by much, and my children easily cross over to each other's sides.  They need to learn to sit beside each other, but sometimes makes it more difficult with a 1 and 3 yr old.  ** **

Apex, NC


inStep Run Around LTD Double Jogging Stroller

4.0 2