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cleanDr UltraClear Screen Cleaning Solution

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Do NOT buy this!


The cleanDr UltraClear Screen Cleaning Solution is a waste of money. My boyfriend and I went and bought a new LCD TV and the salesman worked really hard on getting us to also buy this cleaner with the TV. I said no, but my boyfriend said yes, so we ended up with the cleaner. It comes in a small bottle and includes a microfiber cloth. I followed the instructions, sprayed some of the product, used the cloth that came with it and wiped off out TV. It looked fine at first then after a few minutes I noticed a lot of streaks. I tried using it again in hopes that it would get rid of the streaks. It just added more streaks. I had to use a different microfiber cloth and a little bit of distilled water to get rid of all the streaks. I stopped using the product after that but continued to use the cloth on some of my electronics. On my camera after using the cloth I noticed something...scratches. The microfiber cloth scratches surface...HOW!? Do NOT buy this product. It's awful and the cloth scratches surfaces. Ugh.



It smears


When I bought a new flat screen tv this screen cleaner was recommended to me by a sales associate. What a rip off! All this cleaner does is smear in anything on the screen. It leaves behind large noticeable streaks as well. I've shaken the bottle. I've not shaken the bottle. I've sprayed a little. I've sprayed a lot. It never makes a difference, this product doesn't work. I regret giving it as many chances as I did, I would not recommend this product to anyone who actually wants a clean screen. Performance I would give it a zero if I could. I ended up buying a different cleaner to clean up the mess this screen cleaner left on my tv. It's a horrible cleaner that really doesn't clean. The cloth that comes with it is only good for wiping off dust. Scent It's a noticeable kind of cleaner smell and it does stay for a awhile. It's similar to the smell of an eye glass cleaner solution but it isn't that overpowering to me.



cleanDr UltraClear Screen Cleaning Solution

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