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chi organics

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The smell lingers while washing your hair


When i went to the hairdressers last time, she used a new product by Chi. It is called CHI organics. I noticed the invigorating smell right away and asked about the product. The hairdresser explained that this is a new product by CHi that is strictly organic.In the past, I have tried many different products that are sold in the store and at the beauty supply shop. Where I live, the water is quite hard, and it helps to use good shampoo! When I left the hairdressers that day, she gave me a sample of the product. I'm not sure how expensive the product will be, but i am confident that it will be worth the money! The scent is very light, just enought to make it right! It smells like lemon! The consistency of the shampoo is simple, not too thick, just right. You only have to use a dime sized amount if your hair is almost shoulder length. Of course, you have to adjust the amount depending on the length of your hair. So far, this is my favorite new product, and of course, it can't be bad for your hair if it's organic! Try it today!

Lemon Grove, CA


chi organics

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