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Whirlpool Cabrio 4.8 cu. ft. HE Top Load Washer

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A good washing machine


I really think that this is a good washing machine. I was pleased with my purchase. The only problem that I have had with it a few times is that it didn't drain all the water. I ran it through again and it worked fine. I have only had this a little over a year, but I haven't had to call in anything on the warranty. It is very energy efficient and I like all the settings it has. It's pretty much all electronic. The thing I noticed when I first got it is that they don't make the washing machine with the tubes in the middle anymore. It's nice to have all that space. I wash all the clothes for my family and it fits a really good amount of stuff on it and has a bulky section for bigger loads. I would recommend this washing machine to others. It's a good fit for anyone. It also isn't as loud as some other washing machines and gets your clothes coming out really clean.

Puyallup, WA


Beautiful, Efficient, Quiet!


With a teenager and an adult special needs sibling in my household, this multi load capacity washer has taken a huge physical burden from me. The noise level is barely audible, the efficiency of cleaning coupled with the very useful and accurate wash cycle types is a godsend! Everything is so clean, so gently processed, that I never worry about avoiding purchasing time-consuming "hand wash only" items. This machine does it for me! Yay! Energy Efficiency Uses so much less water than my standard machine, I actually see the reduction on my water bill. Cleaning Time Completely at my own choice -- the time is affected by how I choose water temperature, type of items, and spin speed. Loads clean in much less time than m y old machine and are much fresher when done. Performance Not one problem in over a year! Ease of Use Very straightforward prompts and simple selection dials and buttons. Design Very clean and classic, but with a modern line. It's actually pretty! And, it requires less floor space -- it is a bit taller than my old machine, but uses less room in my laundry area. Love it. Durability We run at least five loads a day -- no exaggeration! It's a champ!



Whirlpool Cabrio 4.8 cu. ft. HE Top Load Washer

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