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Westinghouse Electric HD in. LCD

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Westinghouse 32" LCD is good price, but just okay quality


I have had my Westinghouse 32" LCD HDTV for a while now and it has been a good TV. This was the first flat panel television that I bought a few years ago and it has lasted well to this point. The TV has a great menu system, better than many of the bigger name brands I feel. It is very easy to use, set up , and change settings on this television. The picture quality is pretty good, it is 720p resolution, which is plenty for a 32" TV. This televison also has something that many other models don't have, a PC input on the back - I have enjoyed using this 32" televison as a computer monitor also. My biggest gripe with this Westinghouse TV is that it freezes rather frequently, usually a couple times a week. It has done it since the beginning and the only way to unfreeze it is to unplug the power source. I also noticed a few lines on the side of the screen that have developed from full screen images taht leave black bars on the sides of the image - for some reason it has burned in to the screen a little, something that LCD screens usually don't really do. This is a decent TV, especially for the price, but it does have its issues - you get what you pay for.

Columbia City, IN


This Westinhouse LCD TV looks great.


After a long business trip, I returned home to discover that my wife had completely remodeled our master bedroom as a surprise gift. Included in this surprise was a brand new Westinghouse LTV-32w6 HD flat panel LCD television to replace the humongous old tube TV we previously had. Right off the bat I saw that it had a great picture, not only far superior to my old SDTV, but even compared to my much more expensive HDTV in the family room. The picture is sharp and clear with great contrast. It has a built in HD tuner so that I can receive Over-The-Air HD without the need for a converter box. Compared to other HD TVs I have used, the tuner seems quite fast, I don't have to wait for the channel to tune in before moving on to the next channel while channel surfing. This TV only has one HDMI input, I would have preferred another but it also has two YPbPr inputs so I can still attach all of my components without too much hassle. It also has computer inputs (VGA and mini-stereo) so it can be used as a computer monitor or to watch videos online via an attached computer. The sound quality is more than adequate. The remote control is fairly easy to use; though in the dark switching inputs can be a bit difficult. Overall I am very pleased with this television, and writing this review reminds me that I still haven't gotten anything for my wife in return... I have been too busy watching TV.

Garland, TX


Westinghouse Electric HD in. LCD

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