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Westinghouse 40 in. LCD TV

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Good Picture Bad Sound


I got a pretty good deal on this Televison. I thought I did, anyway. I do not have any issues with the picture. It's always been very clear, even without hd. We have a Roku box in there to stream Netflix. My only problem was when we bought a larger television for the living room, we moved this one to our bedroom. After we disconnected it from the surround sound we realized how awful the sound is. You have to turn it up really loud to hear it and then it sounds distorted. If we watch cable in there the commercials almost blow out your eardrums. We don't have this same issue with the other tv so i don't think its the tv stations fault. Unfortunately, by the time we realized this was an issue, our warranty had already gone out. I guess that's the way things typically end up working! I really don't think I need a surround sound system in my bedroom! I guess this one will end up in the kids room.

Dallas, TX


Westinghouse 40 in. LCD TV

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