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Vizio - Television

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Horriable tv


I bought this tv online and then saw that it was rated one of the worst tvs but I tried it anyway well it was bad .... I had it for a day and it already started to mess up. The sceene was not good and also the speakers were going in and out. Not worth the money !!!

Putnam Valley, NY


thank you vizio for my 37inch hdtv


this was the best bargain i could have lucked up on. the quality and price will not be was very easy to assemble,and if you had any question the 1-800 number was very helpful and informative.i have had the tv for about a year and a half and am about to buy another vizio cause the picture is the best that i have seen. the price is right.

Minneapolis, MN


Love my Vizio HDTV


I have had my Vizio LCD HDTV for about 2 1/2 years. It has great picture quality and is easily compatiable with our DVD player, XBOX, PS2. It was easy to program and set. I am not very educated when it comes to connecting TV connections however the Vizio came with great set up directions that were step by step to follow.. We actually purchased our TV on line so it was sent directly to our home for connivance.  The Vizio is sold at local stores and they offer a variety of screen sizes and features.   The Vizio LDD HDTV was very affordable and definitely one of the greatest purchases that I have ever made, it had all of the features that I was looking for in a TV.  The Vizio came with a great warranty package and we have not had any problems with our TV. When making my next TV purchase I will definitely go with the Vizio again and I would recommended it to anyone looking for a great affordable TV with great picture quality.

Omaha, NE


It stopped working a week after I brought it home.


I have to caution people about buying this model.  About a week after I brought it home and hooked it up, the TV went dead.  I was told I could bring it back and get a new one.  It is kind of time consuming to do that.  I am totally disgusted.

Mount Vernon, NY


Vizio - Television

3.0 4