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Vizio - E0A 37 in. LCD TV

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died after 1 month


So we purchased this TV right before Christmas, after one month the TV would decide when it wanted to be on or have volume. Thinking it was a bad one, we then returned it and got the same TV again. Same problems but with faster results. We ended up going back to our heavy tube TV. Dont waste your money

Wichita, KS


Great TV! Big screen that fits well in small places!


We received this TV as a Christmas present for 2010 as a surprise from my mother-in-law and father-in-law.  What a great gift!  We had initially planned to purchase ourselves a 42 inch flat screen TV next Black Friday, but we got it early from them.  This TV looks a lot bigger out of the box (which is a good thing), it easily looks like a 42 inch TV.  The picture quality is awesome and so crisp and clear.  The sound is good too!  We can't even tell when it is on because there is no sound "noise" or feedback when it is on, unlike our old TV which you could hear the static all the way up the stairs to the second floor!  The remote can sometimes be a bit confusing, but when you get used to it and learn what all of the buttons do, it's not hard to use at all.  This is a great TV with beautiful picture, crisp sound, and it installs very easily.  We installed it in one night without problems of any kind.  Highly recommended!

Franklin, TN


Vizio 37in HD TV is great


We were looking for an upgrade in our family TV.  We kept seeing this TV in the local ads and finally ended up purchasing the TV at Target.  The picture quality is great!!  It seems like the commercials are louder than the TV programs ~ but there may be some feature we haven't found that will help with that.  Overall, it's a great TV for the price!!

Zanesville, OH


Great Picture


We purchased a new VIZIO 37" 1080/60  TV for Christmas.  We are amazed at the clarity of the picture.  The audio is easy to adjust and the menu is so easy to figure out also.  We feel we made the right choice  for the price range. 

Clever, MO


Vizio makes a great TV for an amazing price!


We needed a new TV that was not too big.  After reading numerous reviews, we decided to purchase a Vizio LCD TV.  We did not mount it on the wall and have it on an old trunk that we use for a TV stand. It's not too small, it's the perfect size for us.  The picture quality is wonderful. We don't have any fuzziness or lines across the picture.  It is easy to connect the DVD player to the TV as well. I must be impatient because it seems to take a long time to turn on though. The screen shows both wide screen and regular DVD movies nicely.  The remote is simple and not one of those remotes where there are too many buttons. The design of the Vizio LCD TV is sleek and modern. It is not too heavy which makes moving it to clean or redecorate an easy task. The TV is also easy to keep clean. My daughter tends to put her little hands all over it and all I need to use is a type of glass cleaner I have to clean it.

Buffalo, NY


The Vizio LCD HDTV is as good as any out there.


When I decided to upgrade our tv and get a LCD HDTV I did a lot of searching and comparing to ensure I was getting the best I could afford.  I compared many different tv's at stores and online and decided the vizio is one of the best out there.  With the price being A LOT lower than the big brands like Sony, Samsung, and others, I decided to get this Vizio 37" and haven't regretted it at all.  It is a great size and is as clear as any other HDTV I've watched.  I have it hooked up to a surround sound system and cable tv and it gives great sound and a great HD picture.  In my opinion, there is no other choice for the person on a budget who wants a nice HDTV.

Lincoln, DE


Vizio - E0A 37 in. LCD TV

4.0 6