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Vizio 32 in. HDTV LCD TV

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great picture show


I bought this TV to replace my 19" Magnavox that I have had for years. I decided to upgrade and picked this TV. Hook up was easy and quick, with all ports easily accessible. I was able to hook up a home theater system, Paystion 3, Palystation 2, and the cable within minutes. Once I turned it on, I was hooked on the high quality of the picture and the sound coming out of the speakers. When the video games are turned on they have a new life. I now know why I was told that you needed HD to get the full quality of the Palystion 3. Even though this is a LCD TV, it does not have the pixelation that I have seen from other brands while watching high speed programs such as football, or soccer. It may be that the other TV's that I saw pixelation on were lots bigger (55" televisions), but I like watching this TV better than the older tube models. I do reccomend this model and brand if you are looking to upgrade or replace your TV.

Marion, AR


This Vizio television does everything


We bought our new Vizio television around Thanksgiving time.  We replaced a smaller tv, but didn't want something huge.  This tv is the perfect size.  The picture quality is great.  Everything is very clear and bright.  Every angle is perfect, no one has complained about the quality of this tv. I originally bought it because of the internet apps.  These are so great.  We have a Netflix subscription and this tv allows us easy access.  Netflix works great and is very easy to use with this tv. Other apps we have used are the news, finance, amazon on demand and ebay.  Vizio often adds new apps to the gallery so you should never be at a loss for what you are looking for.  We have hooked this tv to our dvd player.  It was really simple and worked great.  We have also used our Vizio with a Wii.  Again no problems hooking it up or using it.  I think this tv is a great value.  I recommend it to all my friends. 

Cleveland, OH


Vizio 32 in. HDTV LCD TV

5.0 2