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Toshiba - Regza 32 in. HDTV LCD Television TV/DVD Combo

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toshiba 32in. flat panel tv is disappointing


I'm disappointed with the toshiba 32in flat panel tv because it adds nothing to the decor of the living room, it looks like a window without a view, the picture isn't that great eather, sometimes the picture gets dim and the next thing its back bright and clear,, the sound is good, we leave the music channel on during the day to listen to it and it does sound good. I miss the old style tv.

New Baltimore, MI


The Toshiba Regza is a beautiful TV with enough inputs for all


The Toshiba Regza is a beautiful TV - Dark matte edges make it blend into the dark wood entertainment system we have at home. There are multiple inputs for HDMI (3) Composite Video (2) Cable (1) RCA Video (2) and even PC! Video games look brilliant on it, and the digital HD television picture is spotless. It is a bit slow to warm up, and once it is on for long periods of time it runs quite hot. The remote can be confusing at first, especially with the pic size function. Sometimes it displays the input perfectly, other times you need to change it around to fill the screen the way you want it. There appears to be no way to train it to your particular tastes. Still, a wonderful mid-range TV that does not swallow your entire living space.

Saint Louis, MO


Toshiba - Regza 32 in. HDTV LCD Television TV/DVD Combo

3.5 2