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Tassimo T47 Single Serve Brewing System

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Great coffee maker!


This is a great coffee machine. It is simple to use and you can make coffee with just a single touch of a button. There are a variety of coffee types to use ranging from regular brewed coffee to even lattes ans cappuccinos. Lattes and cappuccinos offer an extra pod of milk. The coffee pods that are inserted work through a bar code that the machine scans when the pod is inserted and that's how the machine knows what type of coffee it shall make for you. It is very easy to clean as it does not have multiple attachments and parts except for the water tank.

New york


Pleasantly Surprised


When I received The Tassimo T47 Single Serve Brewing System after asking for a single cup brewer, I wasn't sure what to expect. Completely unfamiliar with this brand before opening the box, I was nervous. When I opened it up, and saw not only the unique, appealing, and beautiful design, I started to get excited....but would it work as well as the other brands? Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to clean, works fast, and perfectly every single time, for every single cup, and going strong with multiple daily use for over one month now, I cannot even express in words how completely and utterly happy I am with this brewing system. Brew Performance Perfect cup, perfect size, every single time. Ease of Cleaning Cleaning is a snap - very easy to keep clean and maintain. Ease of Use I don't think a brewing system could be any easier. Design Just gorgeous! Love the black and silver, and the unique style is unlike the other brewing systems I've seen, and I really like when people step into my kitchen and that's the first thing they notice. Durability Multiple (minimum of 5 cups per day) daily use for about 47 days now, and not a single problem at all.

Saint Paul, MN


Tassimo T47 Single Serve Brewing System

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