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Dandruff Shampoo
Sulfur8 Medicated Shampoo

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Works great on dermatitis!


I have had seborrheic dermatitis for my entire life and have tried every single type of dandruff and dry skin shampoo that is out there to try to help me. With my dermatitis if I scratched my head it would really look like I would have snow coming out of my hair, it peels so bad and flakes off. My doctor recommended this shampoo and it was really hard for me to find, I had to order it offline, so that is probably the only flaw that there is with it. I used this product for about two weeks before I noticed any results but then it was just a complete 180 degree change, my head did not itch anymore and the dermatitis was almost completely gone! I now use this shampoo twice every week to keep my condition at bay, and sometimes three times if it is getting bad again. It works very well and keeps my head from itching. I do warn you that it has a horrible smell and that part of it is not nice, so I wash my hair a second time with good smelling shampoo after, but even with a bad smell, since it works so well it is worth it.



Good for thickening short hair and adding length.


THe sulfur8 Medicated Shampoo cleanses dandruff. Keeps the hair from breaking and helps it to become healthy. Before I used this product my hair had fallen out bad because of micro braids but now it has grown back healthy and stroung. I believe and stand by this product 100% I thought I would have to spend alot of money to get the results I recieved from this product. I also use the grease My 6 year old and I both use the grease I mix hers with a little vasoline so I would not be that stround and her hair continues to grow. People have asked me what I use on her hair and how often I give my advice on washing greasing an dmanaging her hair. Her hair is all natural no chemicals. I can do any styles with her hair. I believe this shampoo can help you to if you use it correctly and wash your hair weely or every two weeks. Make sure you keep your hair moisturized and from becoming dry you should get the results you are looking for.

Atlanta, GA


Sulfur8 Medicated Shampoo

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