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Shower to Shower
Shower to Shower Shimmer Effects Body Powder

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Shimmer Effects Body Powder is something different


   I like using talc powders after showering to absorb excess moisture and get that fresh and clean feeling, but I don't like when I end up smelling like an infant from using regular old baby powder! As a result, I seek out alternatively scented body powders made for folks out of diapers. The Shower to Shower line of powders has become one of my favorites. They come in a generous 13oz size that seems like it lasts forever, and actually have some unique scents available like Lavender and Vanilla! So far though this is the only powder I've come across that features "shimmer". The back of the package describes it as a silky-smooth, ultra-light powder that contains subtle light reflectors that leave your skin looking naturally more radiant. The powder really is silky smooth and ultra light, but I don't think anyone but the actual user would notice the shimmer because it so fine and you have to be in direct light to see it. That being said, I still feel a little more sexy and glamorous when I use it even though I am the only one who can really appreciate it.  

Boise, ID


Shower to Shower Shimmer Effects Body Powder

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