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Shiseido Tsubaki Conditioner with Tsubaki Oil Ex Pump

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Makes my hair soft!


I recently tried this and I have to admit, Shiseido's Tsubaki red series is pretty awesome. It's not HG material, but i love how soft and smooth it makes my hair. I didn't notice any particularly heavy scent to it so I would imagine it smells relatively nice and non intrusive. I also bought the Tsubaki water treatment which i spray into my hair during the day and it's also quite nice at keeping my hair more moisturized. I recently did a digital perm on my hair. Last time I did a perm (regular one) my hair became absolutely awful after a short while. Not only would it fall out like crazy, the ends and bottom half of my hair started to turn a lighter straw-like brown shade (i have naturally brownish black asian hair) that did not look healthy at all, and felt overal rather crunchy. At that time I was using Asience, and due to the awful memory of that time, I could no longer use Asience without cringing (I know because 3 years later i tried Asience again and i immediately wanted to chuck it out the window haha). This time after my digital perm, I have been using more moisturizing hair care including a hair treatment at night and spray in treatment during the day. My hair is definitely in better condition than it was in before. From what I can tell of the various shampoo/conditioner i've tried since igot the perm, I think Tsubaki made my hair the softest. however it didn't really help with my hair loss, so it's not HG.

San Jose, CA


Shiseido Tsubaki Conditioner with Tsubaki Oil Ex Pump

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