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Sanyo - 42" LCD HDTV

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This television looks great and has vibrant colors.


The colors are vibrant when watching television and the volume is more than enough with the very lowest volume being average. Picture Quality The picture is great. The colors are bright and vibrant and great for the avid sports fan like myself who likes to be able to see every detail when watching sports. Sound Quality Like I previously stated, the sound is amazing. You can hear every detail and there is more than enough available volume no matter if you have trouble hearing or just like to have your tv up louder. Durability This television is very durable from my experience although I can't say for some people who may have small children or pets.. Design The design is well thought out with the inlay. Being a 42" TV, it maintains an easy to use design that allows you to alter default settings to meet your personal needs. Performance I have had mine for about 4 months and not once have I had a problem with picture quality, sound quality, or overall performance For the retail price of this tv, you get amazing performance with little complications.



The Sanyo 42" LCD HDTV is great value for your money!


When I purchased my 42" Sanyo LCD HDTV, I was honestly expecting a subpar television. I'd never owned a Sanyo television, and with the price point being so much lower than comparable TV sizes and resolutions from competitor's brands, I was leery. I couldn't afford the more expensive competition, however, so I decided to take a chance on this model. Man am I ever glad that I did! I love this TV. The picture is crystal clear. We got this for use with our gaming console, and I couldn't be more pleased with how it renders the games. Blu-ray movies are gorgeous as well. The colors are vibrant, the sound is fantastic, and the remote is easy to use and offers multiple functions. The only con to this television is that the screen is highly reflective. It's almost like a mirror. You'll need to lower the shades and close the door if you want to see the screen. With the value of this TV, though, that's a very small set back. This television comes highly recommended from me.

South Boston, VA


Sanyo - 42" LCD HDTV

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