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Front Load Washers
Samsung Front Load Washer


Samsung WF331ANR 27" Front-Load Washer with 3.7 cu. ft. Capacity, 11 Wash Cycles, 4 Options, Sanitization Cycle, Steam Wash and Diamond Drum Design: Tango Red

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I would recommend buying this product


It is a wonderful product and beautiful design and appearance and I use this product at home and it is very suitable for homes and daily use and very calm and wonderful performance and beautiful and clean very excellent I recommend the purchase of the product and distribution is easy to use very saves very few failures compared to other products and is a large company and known as an excellent company Very confident



Worst Machine EVER!


My husband surprised me with this front loader when we got engaged because my previous experience with front loader was wonderful and he had a dinosaur. My previous washing machine was an LG and I loved it, but he tried Samsung. The door broke within a year and all of our clothes started smelling moldy after 2nd year despite doing everything internet said to do to get rid of smell such as Sanitize cycle, keep door open when not in use, wipe it out after every use.... Nothing worked and I have been very unhappy with it! THEN... It stopped spinning. Our washer repair man said the mounting bracket for drum crumbled and would cost over $400 in part and repair hours to fix... I am done with it! So don't waste your money on this one!

Tappahannock, Va


I really like this washing machine.


Much better than the Maytag I had for 6 years and had to replace. Energy Efficiency Seems to be efficient. Wrings out the clothes pretty good. Cleaning Time Quick was cycle finishes in about 30 minutes. Performance It seems to clean very good. The only issue I've had is the door mechanism broke already because the parts are made of plastic. Ease of Use Put the soap in and push the button. Design One issue if you overload the washer it won't spin. It just keeps giving an error until you take some of the clothes out. Durability Other than the door mechanism breaking I've had no other problems so far.

Broken Arrow, OK


Samsung Front Load Washer

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