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Samsung 52 in. LCD TV

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This LCD TV Rocks!


The Samsung LNT5265 52 inch widescreen LCD HDTV has an impressive 15000:1 dynamic contrast ratio at 1080p (full HD) which gives it a phenomenal picture with rich blacks and subtle textures. It has a wide variety of audio video inputs including HDMI, component and SVIDEO. It even has a VGA input so that you can connect your laptop. There is a USB port where a USB flash memory key can be connected to show photos on the huge 52 inch screen. The hidden side speakers provide rich sound. This television has a built-in digital ATSC tuner for over the air high definition TV (HDTV). I am using a PS3 as a blu ray player with this television and the movie playback is superb. The high contrast ratio, 1080p resolution, and brightness gives the picture excellent detail. The only drawback about the TV is that it is glossy. Light sources such as windows and lamps tend to reflect on the screen and interfere with the picture. To get the best out of the TV you will need to turn off lamps and cover windows.

Watertown, NY


Samsung 52 in. LCD TV

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