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Samsung 46 in. 3D LCD TV

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Pretty good technology


I really liked the Television. I have recently bought the **Samsung - LN46C750 46 in. 3D LCD TV **about a month ago. If you are looking for 3D i suggest you go with something more bigger in size but for me the size was big enough for my living room.. I have found the tv on display and i knew i really wanted it. The weight, I was really shocked with it was very light. The apps I really enjoyed. You learn somethign new everytime you would use it. My kids enjoy watching 3D. The quality and picture of the TV is the best i have ever seen, EVEN when the 3D was not on. I would say the price is very cheap considering that it is a 3d television, afterall. The Televisionw as way skinny! What i didnt like was that the speakers was on the back of the television, but was not as good for the sound quality. It is however good enough for just television use, but for gaming and movies i would perfer you add a stereo. After all it's a good money investment.

San Diego, CA


Samsung - LN46C750 46 in. 3D LCD TV: Almost perfect


Samsung - LN46C750 46 in. 3D LCD TV: Almost perfect We bought this tv about 3 months ago as part of a home theater re-org at home. We frankly love it. The channel reception and picture quality while watching movies are almost perfect. Its a great partner to our Samsung blu ray player and our home theater pc which it also connects to. We have it wall mounted and looks really good in our family room. The sound quality on the TV is also better than our old samsung lcd which seemed to lack loudness and low end bass. One of the drawbacks we have noticed it being glossy screen, during the day we have a lot of reflections making it very hard to see the picture. We have had to do additional light and window treatments to make sure we have a plesant viewing experience. During the night we have not had any such issue and it continues to be our favorite tv to watch movies on for family movie night.  

Jacksonville, FL


Exceptional TV


I have had this TV for 2 years now and it is wonderful.  The picture quality remains amazing and I still taken aback by it each time I watch a program in high definition.  One problem some Samsungs have (and this one of ours did) is after a few years, it starts to take a few minutes to click on.  The first time, it may click once or twice, and then come on.  Then, a few weeks later, it may take 30-45 seconds to actually turn on.  It will click each time, sometimes up to 10 minutes.  If this starts to happen, it is a common problem and can be fixed by contacting the manufacturer.  We had this happen and they came out and fixed it at no cost.  Apparently, some (not all) of these Samsungs were built will an ineffective part that causes that to happen.  But, it is common and it can be fixed if you are still covered under your warranty.  Other than that, no problems at all and a great TV for the price!

Louisville, KY




I've never owned a television from SAMSUNG, let alone a television of this size, but I must say I am absolutely glad I took a chance on ths brand for my first really expensive television. My SAMSUNG 3D T.V.,has the best clarity of any television I've ever owned or even watched a whole movie on. I honestly think it's even better than going to the movie theater. Actually, now that I think about it, I go to the movie theater about probably 80% less than I used to go.Come to think of it, I don't even like to leave my house,or even my bedroom(where MY SAMSUNG)i, is located. I wouldn't even trade it in for a more expensive T.V.,MY SAMSUNG 3D is to me ,THE ABSOLUTE BEST CHOICE THAT THEY SELL, I LOOOOVVVVEE IT!!!!!!!!

Milwaukee, WI


Samsung 46 in. 3D LCD TV

4.3 4