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SallyeAnder Milk & Mint Soap

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Delicious Treat For Skin From One Of the BEST Soapmakers!


We have been using Sallyeander Soaps since they first started many years ago. This company is made of people who have learned how to make long lasting fantastic soaps that leave skin clean but not stripped and that are a beautiful treat for the skin. Effectiveness SallyeAnder Milk and Mint soap is a gorgeous soap with swirls of minty looking soap mixed in with ivory colored soap base. The fragrance is a lovely mint fragrance which is natural and not artificial. It comes in a little bag with a label and you get a good sized chunk. What is really fun about this soap is not only the appearance and fragrance, but that it lasts a VERY long time in the shower. This soap leaves our skin moisturized and never dried out and I have no itching or flaking problems after using it. It is excellent for sensitive skin and even those who have problems with scents. This company has the best soaps and their natural bug repellant is unique and a staple in our house. Scent The smell of this soap is so refreshing, it is fun to use. Spearmint and milk combine to make it a fresh yet natural smell that permeates the shower and bathroom when it is used. The scent lasts for most of the time that the soap bar lasts but not quite. It also fades enough so it does not interrupt any body fragrances that I want to wear. My entire family loves the smell of this soap.

Podunk, NY


Miraculous, All- Natural Soap! I'm addicted to Milk & Mint.


I've always been a user of supermarket soaps like Dove and Dial until last summer when I stumbled upon a cute little skincare shop in upstate NY -- SallyeAnder Soaps.   I ended up purchasing some bars of all-natural, handmade soap simply because I liked the colors and scents.  I was so pleased with the soaps I put them in every sink and shower in my apartment.  My favorite was their **Mint & Milk Soap**.  This soap helps combat acne and my skin feels brighter and younger.  The cool thing about SallyeAnder Soaps is that they do not disintegrate like commercial soaps made with artificial latherants.  They are made with all pure ingredients like olive oil, soy and essential oils.  I'm going to try out their other varietys and skin care products next.  Stay posted! Google **SallyeAnder Soaps **for local retailers or to purchase the product.  

New York, NY


SallyeAnder Milk & Mint Soap

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