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SC Johnson
SC Johnson Brite ScuffLifter

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Brite ScuffLifter Works


Brite with ScuffLifter is a No Wax Floor Cleaner. I purchase this product because I was always on my hands and knees trying to remove the scuffs the grandchildren were leaving with their shoes. I did not want anything with wax in it that would build up on my floor and cause more work. The Brite with ScuffLifter was just the ticket. You just sweep the floor and then squirt a puddle of about a dinner size plate onto the floor and just spread it around about a 3 x 3 area with a damp mop. It not only removes scuffs but any other stains that may have gotten onto the floor. After doing that area just rinse the mop in a clean bucket of water and watch the dirt that comes from the floor. And this is even if the floor did not look like it was dirty. Then just continue on repeating these steps until you have finished the whole floor. It is amazing when it drys the whole floor looks like you have just waxed it. I always feel like the floor is cleaner if it is shiny. Love this stuff.

Bloomington, IN


SC Johnson Brite ScuffLifter

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