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Pantene Pro-V Extra Straight Shampoo

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This product really works. It makes straight straighter and frizzy sleek. I love the way the conditioner really penetrates my hair from root to tip giving it all the moisture and repair it needs. It has a nice fragrance that makes people say "you smell Good". This product is definetely worth the price and is a great quality product. I reccomend it to anyone who wants to make straighter hair straighter or frizz hair sleek an controlable.

Holyoke, MA


Pantene Extra Straight Shampoo is good but doesnt fight curl.


A couple of weeks ago I purchased Pantene Pro-V Extra Straight Shampoo at my local grocery store. I have very curly hair, so I knew that this shampoo would not actually straighten my hair. However, I was hoping that it would atleast knock out a *tiny* bit of the curl. If not, atleast help my hair remain straight after I style it / use my straightening iron. However, I did not not notice make a dent in my hair's curl nor did I notice my hair staying straighter longer when I straightened it. Despite the fact that "extra straight" seems like false advertising to me, I do like the shampoo just as a normal shampoo. It smells very good. The lather is perfect. I did notice that my curls were more separated and defined, actually. In addition, I believe that it did, in fact fight a little biddy bit of my frizz. All in all, I'm not saying that I will never purchase Pantene Pro-V Extra Straight Shampoo again, but I definitely will not go out of my way to get it.

Glendora, CA


pantene extra straight is smoooooooth


this shampoo leaves my hair frizz free and helps it shine. gives my hair the things it needs to stay healthy and strong. i never have split ends even tho i dont get hair cuts maybe 2 times a year . no breaking of my hair. this pantene shampoo is the best . and doesnt hurt my colored hair and does not strip the color out. and makes my haie smell great. i use this daily and makes my hair shiney smooth and frizz free even in humid weather . and ever since i been using this pantene product i have had flyaways and stadicy hair. no breakage , no split ends , i will only use pantene it has changed my hair for the better . all pantene produts are woth it and the price is great too ad the extra large bottles go a long way have been a user of pantene for many years and will continue . when on sale a stock up because i never want to go with out it. i highly recomend this to all family friends and ANY OTHERS

East Brunswick, NJ


Pantene ProV Extra Straight Works!


I naturally have straight hair but what I've noticed is after I let it air dry or use a blow drier to speed up the process, it tends to get a bit poofy whenever I go outside. After running low on shampoo and conditioner, I went to my local Walgreens to see if there was any sales. I never seen this particular line of Pantene ProV before, so I picked up a bottle and read the label. I thought it was worth giving it a shot. The next morning I massaged it into my scalp until it became very bubbly. The scent was lovely! It was pleasant and made me feel more relaxed waking up early in the morning. I made sure I rinsed it and after blowdrying it, I styled my hair like normal. Guess what? It makes my straight hair behave! It remained sleek, smooth and shiny throughout the day. I've noticed it has gotten my little baby hairs to not be as noticeable too. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a reasonably priced shampoo that they will love lathering onto their hair.

San Francisco, CA


love the way my hair feels after


Pantene shampoo is one of the closest shampoos I use that is most like the salon. It makes my hair feel silky and smells wonderful. In the summer months of humidity it minimizes the frizz in my hair. I love it!

West Bloomfield, MI


Great for a period of time, but not for long term use


Pantene worked well for me for a period of years, but I often switched shampoos based on whoever bought the shampoo and what they felt like buying at the time. I had my hair chemically straightened a year or so ago, and used various other shampoos. As my hair grew out from the straightening, it got wavy and curly again, which is when I found this **Pantene Pro V Extra Straight shampoo** and conditioner in one.  It worked well for the first few weeks, but it started to make my hair and scalp very dry. I went to the hairdresser this past week, and after she looked at my hair and I told her that I was usingg this shampoo she made me buy more expensive shampoo and conditioner to repair the damage of the dry scalp. She had to cut off two and a half inches to repair the split ends. Who knew that shampoo and conditioner made so much of a difference in the health of hair?

Fair Oaks, CA


Pantene Pro-V Extra Straight Shampoo

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