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Panasonic - TC- 37 in. LCD TV

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best tv i have


i love this tv. i recently bought it for my bedroom and it is one of my favorite purchases. you get an hdtv, ipod player, and a stylish accessory all in one. i mounted it on the wall for an optimal viewing experience and then hooked my direct tv and xbox up to it and the picture is magnificent. the sound quality isn't super great, but if you get some external speakers and hook them up, you don't have to worry about that. there are three hdmi ports and one hd port and one standard component port but that's all you need. it also has an added bonus of an sd card slot to view your pictures directly from the sd card so it is much easier on you. i got the tv for 399.99 no tax and no shipping but i would've paid more easily for it.

Santa Clarita, CA


You got to love it is not just a TV


I really love this TV the quality, the image the sound everything is great. You can hear your ipod on the tv include the izoom so you don;'t have to buy it, also you can put your sandisk card in the site an see all your pic like slide show and the image it is just perfect. You have all the exit to connect everything that you might need digital, hdmi regular rca and the best thing ever you can connect your computer to the tv and use it like a monitor. Let see if you want to watch your favorite serie from the beggining and they don't have it in VOD and you are thinking you can see on your computer but it is not the same do not sweat it just connect your laptop or whatever to TV and there is it and you can see your favorite program in your tv. It is very easy to change input and configurate I am not a technology savvy but I can tell you this tv make want more but wait I have everything in this TV and the price was great you wouldn't break the bank, so that is great too.

Greensboro, NC


Panasonic - TC- 37 in. LCD TV

5.0 2