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Bagged Upright Vacuums
Panasonic Bagged Vacuum

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This thing is the best vacuum I have EVER had- I've had many!


My boyfriend had this when I met him over 4 years ago. This is an awesome vacuum. It's light weight so it doesn't kill me to carry it up and down the stairs. I even caught it on fire once, lol, by sucking up what I thought was old ashes in an ashtray at his place, Hah, untill we smelled something burning! The bag was on fire! I had to throw it in his flower bed out front and stomp on it. That was too funny....but it is still working like a charm! If you go looking for a vacuum, the bagless are convenient, but believe me, I have used many many different vacuums, I have burned many motors up in them, but this thing is never-ending! When it is all said and done and you are exhausted, you just step on a pedal that automatically retracts the cord! No more winding up that cord manually. It really is awesome. It may also be the best thing out of a 4 year relationship! lol

Chesapeake, VA


Panasonic Bagged Vacuum

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