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Palmers Scar Serum

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Excellent product! Bye stretch marks!


I LOVE Palmers Scar Serum! I have never had a complaint about any of the Palmers products I have tried. This happens to be one of my favorites though. It's SO GOOD for stretch marks. My weight fluctuates all the time. I've gotten stretch marks on my stomach due to it. We all know how self conscious stretch marks make us. Palmers Scar Serum is the best product I have found for getting rid of stretch marks and it does it fairly quickly too. I rub this vitamin E serum on the stretch marks once or twice a day and let it absorb in. Usually it takes about a month and you start seeing a huge difference. They go from that pink color to white. It's awesome! I also use Palmers Scar Serum on my face if I'm having severely dry skin, like I do in the winter time. It moisturizes my face SO well, better than any moisturizer I can find. It's not too oily that it clogs my pores either. I highly suggest this product! It's one of the best stretch mark serums out there and is also great for really dry skin!



Helps scars with time


I have a small pitted scar from acne years ago that I wanted to treat with this product. It was a boxcar type of scar. It wasn't completely noticeble under makeup but in direct sunlight the texture is very indented. After applying the gooey serum on that spot, a giant pimple broke out a few days later. My guess is that it clogged the pores making my skin break out. However, funnily enough, 2-3 weeks after the pimple went away, my pitted scar had even out and now it's practically smooth. Bottom line is that this serum works, but it doesn't absorb well into your skin at all, so some breakouts are very possible. Another downside is that I can't use this under makeup, since it takes hours to dry when used with my other creams. I also don't like how this contains shark liver oil (?!), kinda gross when you think about it. But it does work...slowly, but it works. I do recommend it for anyone with any kind of pitted scars.

San Francisco, CA


Palmers Scar Serum

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