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Netgear WGR614v10 Wireless Router

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Netgear WGR614v10 Wireless Router Rocks!!!


I need to tell you, this was not the Router that I had chosen, I purchased a Cisco Valet Plus when my prior Cisco Router finally stopped working. But because it had to be shipped to me and my son was on leave from the Military for only 2 weeks he needed something right away and he went out and came home with a Netgear WGR614v10 Wireless Router, and within 5 minutes (I swear) he had the system up and running. But I told him wait till my Cisco comes in it'll blow this one away, it had to. Well when it did finally arrive, it was also easy to set up, but the problem was that we had to reboot it exactly 5 times in 2 days. As I called Cisco to tell them the problem they told me to call Customer Support, but I felt I didn't need to because I had a FABULOUS Router right here that I thought would be second best, but come to find out the entire week we had the Netgear Router it ran both our computers and my Internet Tv beautifully with not one problem, and it was a quarter of the price of the Cisco. So I'm here to tell you that even though it may not cost alot of money, it's worth much more then the cost, because there is nothing like peace of mind knowing that when you turn your computer on that your wireless router is right there working for you. GREAT PRODUCT

North Adams, MA


The Netgear WGR614v10 Wireless Router keeps me up and online!!


I purchased a laptap about 3 months ago for when I was traveling and I discovered I really liked being able to kick back on the bed or in the recliner when I was using it so I decided that I wanted to use it as well as my desktop at home to go online. I checked out several brands and it seemed like I was hearing really good stuff about Netgear so I purchased a Netgear WGR614v10 Wireless Router to use at home.  I have internet connection through Wildblue over the satellite so I did not know how hard it would be to hook up but I decided to give it a try.  It was very simple and I was up and running in a matter of about 20 minutes.  If I was a little more computer literate it probably would have been a lot sooner.  Since I have had this router we have had several storms and lots of clouds and bad weather and it continues to work just as fast as my normal desktop connection does through Wildblue.  My family and I have used both computers at the same time and it does not seem to affect the speed at all.  I have had no problems with it and could not be more pleased.  I had seen several bad reviews about earlier versions but have had no problems with this one.  Thanks so much Netgear - I love my router!!

Wister, OK


Netgear WGR614v10 Wireless Router

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