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Mister Steamy

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Alot of noise, no results


I got very excited about this product.  I am the mother of three and take care of my disabled sisiter-in-law.  I try to hang out my clothes, but in the winter the wrinkles just freeze in.  I have used Mister Steamy twice with not very good results.  I own a clothes steamer and that was my previous and still is my way to get rid of wrinkles. I tried Mister steamy on my sister-in-laws dresses as a way to freshen after air drying.  I followed the directions and ran my dryer for  20 mins on high heat.  The noise was awful, it sounded like something was falling apart in my basement.  After listening to that, I was hoping it was worth it.  I removed her dress and it had the same wrinkles as before I put it in. I decided it was because it was a small load, so I tried it with some of my daughters' school clothes.  Same result.  This time I used Mister Steamy for a whole cycle without air drying first.  A long time with all that noise and I still had to steam out wrinkles with my steamer. 

Bridgeton, NJ


Mister Steamy?..Yes, please!


I received these as a gift for Christmas and I was pretty excited to try Mister Steamy as I was having huge issues with static building up on my clothes in the dryer. This is pretty common in the winters. I was blown away with how this helped my clothes! They came out static free! It was a huge deal to me as I had tried everything (even tennis balls) in my dryer to help. I was using way too much fabric softner and it wasn't helping with the static. These are so easy to use, put a little water on the sponge and throw in the dryer with your clothes. Downside is that it is NOISY! I have to run my dryer when I'm not trying to watch a TV program or when I'm not trying to do business on the phone. It just bangs around in the dryer. Also it doesn't give you that nice smell that you get from throwing a dryer sheet in with your clothes. Upside is you are saving the environment and saving time on ironing since clothes come out wrinkle free. I throw these in every load, usually along with a dryer sheet just for the scent.

Wichita, KS


Why are my cloths still wrinkled?


After trying the other dryer balls and them not working, I decided to try this. You add water and it's supposed to put off steam to help touch up your cloths and eliminate wrinkles. Well, it didn't work. I tried putting it in with several items the first time. When I saw that it didn't work, I tried one shirt at a time. That didn't work either. I am a very busy mother of 3, work outside the home, and am team mom for my daughter's softball team. I have no time to iron. It dissappoints me terribly to get excited about a new product that promises to make my life easier and then lets me down. I really do wish they could find an easy, magic way to eliminate the need to pull out the awful ironing board and iron but so far haven't found it. This is definitely not it.

Brooks, GA


Mister Steamy

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