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Mineralize Foundation/Loose

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MAC Mineralize Loose covers skin naturally without creasing


I love mineral loose makeup instead of foundation for my skin.  To me, the effects are amazing in comparison.  I'm just out of my 20's, so I don't yet have wrinkly dry skin but I also no longer have the glowing dewy skin of my teen years anymore.  Foundation makes me either look greasy and unnatural, or cakey and makes my tiny tiny not-yet-wrinkles look like wrinkles with makeup creased in them.  Loose Mineral Makeup covers lightly and naturally and with a Kabuki brush works best with it.  For target areas, such as around the nose, eyes, the brow area above the nose (where your angry wrinkle will one day be, sigh, let's not think about that right now), and any blemishes can be covered with a dry concealer brush.  It seems every company has jumped on the Mineral Loose makeup bandwagon (I still don't know what is in these Mineral makeups and would love to know, since the FDA & other government organizations don't regulate the makeup industry and who knows what we are putting on our faces) and MAC is no exception.  Their's is a comparably priced (to BareMinerals, etc.) powder with SPF 15 and slightly (but only very slightly) less coverage than their competitor, Bare Minerals.  The container, however, makes no sense, as it is shaped more as a finishing powder container, with a powder puff application, so no lid to, say it with me "Whirl, Tap, Buff".



Mineralize Foundation/Loose

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