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Midwest wire products Insta Tripod Grill

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Why haul the big grill - take the Insta Tripod grill


When by my sister in laws home, my hubby wanted to grill over the fire pit and well we didn't have a tri pod grill so we kinda rigged one up.  The ribs only fell in once with our rigged grate, but a little rinse with water and all good. (outdoor cooking...always have a hose or a clean bucket of water, just in case and don't tell anyone :) After trial and error we broke down and bought a **MidWest Wire Product Insta Tripod Grill.** What a wonderful little grill.  It is easy to put together, sturdy when the food is on it and has an adjustable setting grip.  Light weight too.   The tripod can be used over charcoal or a wood fire. We took it camping with us and my husband was having a blast (big size kid on Christmas day). Remember it's a tripod and it will rock so remember not to load the food to one side or you will have food falling off of it.  (we didn't have that happen YIPPY!) The one down fall is when it is put together it can get a little tricky to move.  Best to have someone help you move it or the lower legs may fall off.  We are going to weld it or put pins in so it is easier to move. We even used this to hang out lantern from the top of the tripod. It should come with a case, but I will be making one for my hubby for even easier travel. He has plans when we travel to his sister's on Labor Day and the tripod is making the trip too.

Appleton, WI


Midwest wire products Insta Tripod Grill

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