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Merle Norman
Merle Norman LUXIVA Wrinkle Smoother

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great prodcut


This wrinkle smoother is one of the best I have used...granit I have only used a couple in the few years since I have started my dialy regiment. However, I like how light it is once it is applied to the skin. It doesn't feel like I have a ton of product on and it doesn't look like I have anything other than my make up on once I apply it in the morning as welll. Some moisturizers or wrinkle smoothers I have tried leave my skin looking and feeling greasy and like I have applied a ton of baby oil to my skin before applying my makeup. This product does anything but that. It has a ton of moisture in it and is very shine free. I don't have to apply a lot of this product either. It works into the skin well with just a little of the product. I have oily skin and usually break out from everything including acne products, but not with this product. I can apply it twice a day everyday and still my skin doesn't break out. I love this prodcut and would recommend it to anyone.

Cynthiana, KY


good night moisturizer


I have sensitive skin that is a bit oily in the t-zone.  I have not, in the past, thought very much about facial moisturizers.  Now middle-aged, I find that I need a moisturizer.  This moisturizer does not irritate my skin, but I do find it to be a bit heavy (though I would not say that it is at all greasy feeling) and it does not wear well under my foundation.  As a night cream, I like this moisturizer fairly well.  It feels smooth and nourishing and it has a light, pleasant scent.  As a hand cream, I like this moisturizer very well.  Although, I admit that it would be too expensive to use as a hand cream on a regular basis.  If you have dry skin, this may be the perfect moisturizer for you. I received this moisturizer in a holiday collection and have enjoyed using it, but I do not think that I would like it well enough to invest in a whole jar.  For the price, there are much better moisturizers to choose from- especially for those who tend to be a bit oily. 

Montgomery, AL


Great moisturizer for all skin types


First let me just say that this is a goofy name for a moisturizer.  Getting that out of the way, it is still the best moisturizer that I've ever used.  I am a Merle Norman junkie and I just love all of their products.  But the Wrinkle Smoother moisturizer has to be one of my favorites.  So many times when you use a moisturizer it just sits on your skin and doesn't really soak in.  Then when you put on makeup you have a goopy, slippery mess.  When you have oily skin that's not a good combination.  But this moisturizer sinks right in so I know it is actually doing some good.  Then my makeup doesn't feel like it's going to slide right off my face.  Plus I really do think that it reduces the look of the fine lines in my skin.  I can certainly tell if I haven't used it.  They told me at the Merle Norman store that there was some ingredient in it (can't remember the name she said) that plumps wrinkles.  And I think it works!  My skin feels softer, smoother, hydrated and looks younger to boot!

Peoria, AZ


Merle Norman LUXIVA Wrinkle Smoother

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