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Maytag Legacy Top Load Washer MAV408DAWW

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This maytag washer is the best I've seen ......


This washer can hold a king size comforter and sheet set comfortably. Easy to manage settings, stainless steel drum. The color I just love . I had heard they were doing away with the color and I really lucked in and got the matching dryer at a different location and turns out I got the last one in all of Los Angeles...   I moved to Idaho and they didn't have a gas hook up for the dryer here so I had one installed because there is no way I am giving up this set. It's the best I've had... I could have bought a front loader machine but didn't want it....

Bonners Ferry, ID


Seemed to tangle and twist the laundry


Over many years family members and my own family have had top loading washing machines. These were usually in the mid to low range in price-but they all performed well, and seemed to give reliable service for years and years. They were all used heavily for family laundry, and we were able to take their functioning for granted. I was disappointed with this last purchase. The washer seemed to tangle my laundry. As first I thought it was me, that I was somehow not loading the machine properly. But I found that no matter how it was loaded-the laundry still came out tangled and twisted, and it took a lot of extra time to untwist and untangle it before putting it into the dryer etc. I also noticed that sometimes the clothes needed an extra spin to get them less soggy.

Simi Valley, CA


Good washing machine for its pricepoint


I bought this washing machine after I had done a bit of research on the internet.  I decided that it was the best quality, with the best features, for the budget I had.  I have now owned this washing machine for almost 4 years, and I still feel that it is a good buy.  It has a large capacity, and I really do pack it full.  It has a stainless interior that looks brand new.  If you cannot afford a front loading washing machine, I think this is a good alternative.

New Port Richey, FL


The Maytag Legacy MAV408DAWW is dependable and cleans well.


The Maytag Legacy MAV408DAWW is a very dependable washer.  I have owned this washer for approximately five years.  It cleans the clothes very well, but occasionally, during the spin cycle it does not spin well enough to remove most of the water.  It has great capacity and I have been able to cut down the number of loads I do by about 1/3.  I enjoy having the separate area for the bleach and also for the fabric softener.  They work wonderfully, except when using the bleach the water level needs to be on super in order not to leave bleach residual on the drum when washing the next load. 

Loganville, GA


Maytag Legacy Top Load Washer MAV408DAWW

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