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Portable Car GPS
Lowrance iWay 250C Portable GPS Navigator

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Much better than Mapquest


I have always used Mapquest but have to carry a canvas bag for all of the various places we go.  We live in a small community and frequently travel several hundred miles to Western Oregon for business and personal trips.  Several of our friends live in hard to find places.  With the I-way, I can still watch the road for the streets while "she" is telling me the turn by turn directions.  I do not get lost anymore.  My husband asked why I wanted one and last week in Portland he was glad that we had it.  Great unit.

North Powder, OR


Don't know how I traveled without it


My husband brought this along on our last trip to Seattle and quite honestly I made fun of him.  I of course had Mapquested my directions.  Well, let me tell you in Seattle, in the middle of traffic, Mapquest isn't the most convenient thing to have.  Like I could even try to read!!!  However, our GPS (which my husband named Lola) was a lifesaver.  Not only did she give me exact directions but when I couldn't get over in time for an exit she would simply reroute us.  She also plays music that my kids download on her.  We don't leave on a road trip with out her.

Milton Freewater, OR


Not the best bang for your buck


I am on my second iWAY 350C.  The first one had to be sent back because it literally took hours to find a signal.  The second one is refurbished and better than the first but not by much.  I was drawn to Lowrance because friends of ours had the best of the best iWAY at the time.  I think it was the 500C.  The 350C and the 500C are miles apart in the features and capabilities.  It is also big and clunky.  I wish I would have gotten a Tom Tom instead (my second choice and comparably priced).  I doubt I will ever buy a Lowrance again just because of the inconvenience of having to send it back. 

Arcade, NY


Work excellent!!


I love my Lowerance iWay 250C.  If you happen to go through a interference moment while in a tunnel driving, it will list the directions on the screen so you will not miss a beat.  I have pictures and music added to my gps.  There are different levels in which you can, have your gps respond to you.  I like mines to speak fast because I drive fast!!! (please do not speed it is not safe). I love it!!!

Fairfield, CT


I'm very glad I got it


I got the Lowrance iWay 250c after reviewing a bunch of others and after buying a completely unsuitable gps from DeLorme.  The DeLorme gave me some idea of things to look for, and so I settled on this one as a good compromise between cost and features. There are gps units that cost a lot more than this, but I still haven't figured out why I would want to pay the extra since this one gets the job done quite adequately. Here are some of the things I'm not satisfied with but which I suspect at least some of the higher priced ones suffer from as well: - It sometimes takes a long time for the unit to find the satellites.  I've even had it still not be on line after about ten minutes and then rebooted it to see if that would get it going.  It alway has. - There are times when I've had it get completely irrational about routes.  One such was when I traveled between El Paso, TX and Douglas, AZ.  I chose to take NM9, which is considerably shorter than going via I-10, and the whole time the gps kept having a hissy fit, telling me at every opportunity to get off this road and go up to the Interstate! - They don't update the maps very often, and there are some places on the existing map that are clearly out of date. Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with it.

Sierra Vista, AZ


Didn't know I needed it 'til I got it.


How much easier this little device has made my travels. Since it's my first gps I have nothing to compare it to except life without one. I no longer worry when traveling about getting lost. My little friend on the dashboard takes me right where I need to go, door to door. I use it locally for finding an unfamiliar business or doctor, or a new friends home. If I miss a turn she doesn't get angry or frustrated or yell at me. She keeps me calm, and redirects me, as many times as I need to be redirected. Also, I can get eta at any time during my drive. I have used this device on long trips as well. I can find a gas station, or restaurant, or even a hotel. We have also used it in a boat to help navigate, and just to show us the layout of the area. So far she has done a great job. We have traveled many, many times with her. 2 times she made errors. One was telling us to turn onto a one way street, the wrong way. The other was a misdirection of a couple of miles to the final destination, and would have been a problem if we were totally new to the destination. It has taken me some time to learn how to use it, and it can surely be confusing, but I am learning more about the device and it's capabilities every time I use it. My husband bought me the Lowrance for their reputation, and I have not been disappointed.

Olyphant, PA


Lowrance iWay 250C Portable GPS Navigator

4.3 6