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Top Load Washers
KitchenAid Top Load Washer

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Good washing machine but hard to clean


The KitchenAid top load washer came in the house my husband and I are renting. It is an older appliance, but it is still going strong. My main complaint with it likely isn't the manufacturer's fault, but our washing machine is filthy on the outside of the drum and inside the fabric dispenser (in the middle agitator), I'm assuming from use by previous renters. I've tried buying Tide washing machine cleaner packets, but they haven't made any noticeable difference. It is nearly impossible to access/clean the space between the drum and the walls of the washing machine. As far as actual washing performance, this model is no better or worse than any other washing machines I have used. It has both bleach and fabric softener dispensers, along with a few different cycle options. Our machine does make an annoying buzzing noise during agitation cycles, but if I close the laundry room door, it isn't as bothersome.

San Antonio, TX


KitchenAid Top Load Washer

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