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Kashi Southwest Style Chicken

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A frozen healthy chicken entree made by Kashi.


Kashi Southwest Style Chicken is a really delicious frozen meal option. I love all the Kashi frozen entrees, and the best part is that they are very healthy. They do not contain nearly as much sodium as other brands of healthy frozen meals. I love that they use brown rice. The only complaint I have about this flavor is that it is a little too spicy for my taste.



Kashi SW Chicken - preparation tip


This is a great-tasting frozen entree, and the ingredients list will actually make you feel good about frozen food. The corn, complete with grill marks, is a highlight with a real roasted flavor. My one complaint with the excellent Kashi frozen entrees has been a bit of sogginess, which I think is a common hazard with frozen meals in general. Here's what I do: with a very small, sharp knife, I make 4-5 small, triangular holes in the bottom center of the plastic tray, bending the corners of the triangles down for good flow. Then I set the tray on top of a stoneware (microwaveable) bowl. This usually drains 1-2 tablespoons of fluid out of the dish and makes it much more appetizing. Don't forget to poke a small hole or three in the plastic film covering the top (to break the vacuum) and beware that drained juice will be *hot* when it comes out of the microwave. Let it drain for as long as  you'd like, and transfer to a plate to catch residual drainage. I also find that cooking for 5 min. straight with no stirring on a medium-powered microwave works fine with this method. Keep it up Kashi!

Orlando, FL


This made me want to shout "Ole!"


Sadly, I have come to the last Kashi dinner I bought from Peapod -- the next time they have them on sale, I'm going to really stock up.  *Kashi Southwest Style Chicken* is a real winner, consisting of slices of tender chicken breast seasoned with lime, cumin and a "*hint of Chipotle*" along with fire roasted onions, corn, red and green peppers all on a bed of the famous *Kashi Seven Grain Whole Grains & Sesame Pilaf*.  This dish is mildly spicy but not overwhelming and I found it to be filling.  I think it was my favorite of the three Kashi entrees I have tried.  **STATS:** Contents of one package equal a single serving which contains 240 calories and 45 calories from fat.  There are five grams total fat, zero each saturated and trans fat, 30 mg. cholesterol, 680 mg. sodium, 540 mg. potassium, 32 grams total carbs, six grams dietary fiber, three grams sugars, and 16 grams protein.  Also in attendance are 6% (D.V.) Vitamin A, 40% Vitamin C, 4% Calcium, and 15% Iron. **TASTE TIP:** Heating just enough and then letting the dish cool down for a couple minutes preserves the character of the ingredients and also enhances the taste.  I finished off with a bunch of grapes and this was enough to get me through the evening and the night without any hunger.    

Oak Park, IL


Kashi Southwest Style Chicken

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