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Just 5
Just 5 Hair Color 5 Minute Colorant , Medium Brown

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This stuff is awful.


I hated this hair color.  Because I am sensitive to permanent hair color, I have a applicator to be careful where I apply permanent color on my hair.  I accidentally touched my skin in a couple of places and had the worst reaction I have ever had to any hair color.  This tells me that it is extremely strong.  It also dried my hair out very badly (I only left it on for 3.5 minutes as it was burning my eyes).The color did last very long at all.  I always use shampoos designed to prolong color retention in my hair as I use dark colors to dye my hair with.  I would say the color washed completely out of my hair in about 2 weeks and the irritation lasted longer than that.  It was inexpensive and I was in a hurry and that is why I purchased it.  But I will never, ever buy this color again and would never recommend it to anyone I know.  It is simply not a great product and should be revamped by the makers. 

Harrisonburg, VA


Just 5 Hair Color 5 Minute Colorant , Medium Brown

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