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Jilbere de Paris
Jilbere de Paris Jilbere Satin Smooth Paraffin Therapy Bath

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The Jilbere de Paris Satin Smooth Paraffin Therapy Bath is great


Let me first explain my situation: My mom works in a stock room with cardboard boxes all night, and comes home with cracked and bloody hands from the carboard drying out her hands so much.  I just HAD to find a solution to fix this, and I have!  I bought this Jilbere deParis Satin Smooth Paraffin Therapy bath to help out my mother, and she absolutely loves it.  She uses it every morning when she gets home from work, and does a quick ten-dip into the wax with her hands. After they're coated in wax, she simply sits down on the couch and watches one thirty minute show.  Afterward, the wax is nice and hard, so she walks back to the paraffin bath and peels off the wax and lets it re-melt.  At that time, her hands are OH SO soft, and look great!  She's been able to compltely cure her grossly dry/cracked/bloody hands by just using this daily for a few weeks now.  If you have a problem with very dry skin or you're simply looking for a way to get softer hands, this is it!

Florence, KY


Jilbere de Paris Jilbere Satin Smooth Paraffin Therapy Bath

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