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Hotpoint 16.6 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator HTS17CBDCC


The Hotpoint HTS17CBD features an amazing 166 Cu Ft Capacity This Top-Freezer Refrigerator will satisfy your every need With it slarge capacity you will be able to keep a large amount of food

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Lots of room in this tiny fridge!


The Hotpoint 16.6 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator HTS17CBDCC is an excellent little refrigerator for those with limited space. It is roomy and has a lot of spaces to help keep contents organized, which is helpful when a person has little space. It is durable as well. Even though it didn't cost much, it just keeps going. Noise Level The Hotpoint 16.6 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator HTS17CBDCC is very quiet. In fact, I never hear it running. Interior Organization We bought the Hotpoint 16.6 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator HTS17CBDCC because we planned to renovate our kitchen in the near future, but needed a refrigerator in the meantime. Of course, I didn't want to spend much, but at the same time needed enough space for everything I wanted refrigerated. I'm very happy with this choice, as there are quite a few bins and door organizers that allow me to fill the refrigerator to its full capacity. It's amazing how much I can store in it. . Temperature Control This is the only problem with this refrigerator. When summer arrives, the refrigerator tends to compensate a bit too much and freezes everything on the top shelf. It takes me a couple of weeks to find the correct setting. Otherwise, it's fine. Ease of Cleaning Most everything comes out of the refridgerator and cleans with soap and water. Its a breeze to clean. Durability It just keeps going and requires no maintenance so far. Design I like the top mounted freezer much more than those with French doors. This one works well for me.

Davis, CA


Energy efficient and economical


This **Hotpoint Ariston **Top Freezer Refrigerator ****is energy-efficient and more importantly it is economical. The features of this refrigrator are great. This refrigrator is in our house for the past couple of years and it is definitely a smart-buy. There is more room in the refrigrator in both the freezer and bottom area. There is seperate space for storing veggies and fruits. It is of great help for us especially in winter. I live in the East-coast and winters would mean more snow and less trips to the grocery stores and markets. So we stock up our produce and diary products. This refrigrator serves the purpose and help us store food for a longer time without any issues. Even the freezer compartment is spacious and hence I stock up a lot of frozen foods and frozen veggies. Me and my wife are very happy with this purchase.

Middletown, CT


Hotpoint Ariston/ Top Freezer is Economical!


My Hotpoint 16.6 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer is economical. This refrigerator is many things all in one. I can store as much food as I want in the refrigerator. It has 3 drawers for fruits and vegetables and meat that are labeled. The shelving is all adjustable, to provide the best fit for all different sized items. My model is done in a light tan, with matching dark yellow shelves inside, and brown paneled door handles along both the refrigerator and freezer doors.I like the top loading freezer, it is as roomy as the big refrigerator. I can also adjust the temperatures in both parts of the refrigerator or freezer to direct cool air where I want it! It is excellent on energy consumption, and above all it is roomy inside! I love mine. I am happy with this appliance!

Indianapolis, IN


Hotpoint-Ariston HTS17CBTWW (16.6 Energy efficient refrigerator.


**Hotpoint-Ariston HTS17CBTWW (16.6 cu. ft.) Top Freezer Refrigerator is very energy efficient.  I begin with my refrigerator temperature on the five setting on the control.  After a month went by I decided to put it on control number two.  To my surprise my meats in the refrigerator remained cold and frozen hard as a rock.  This reduced my light bill down significantly.  There is plenty of room in the freezer part and plenty of room in the bottom part.  In the bottom of the refrigerator there is a butter dish and a separate vegetable been, two of them.  There is also two additional shelves for storing.  The vegetable beens keep food very fresh and even lettuce can stay up to three and four days and still have freshness.  The two shelves are sturdy and can hold a 5 quart pot without shattering any of the shelves.  There is enough room to store a frying pan and a 2 quart pot.  Very spacious.  I especially like that when I open the refrigerato door, the meat door remains closed. **

Newnan, GA


Hotpoint 16.6 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator HTS17CBDCC

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