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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach 12-Speed Blender

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Hamilton Beach blender is great for making drinks during summer!


I bought one of these blenders just for a margarita night with a friend it does its blending job well and despenses but if your not careful it will leak when you dont want it to. Once in a while it doesn't fully blend the ice, you have to pop the top off and stir the ice to make sure that it gets blended. Not good if you are making a smoothy just for yourself, since its not small sized. Great for bigger parties and great for margarita nights, or maybe strawberry dacaris. I have had this blender now for lets see, 3 years and it still works great. But becareful if you decide to not "despence" well turn the little nob and make sure it clicks into place. So all in all its a pretty good blender with a little bit of "issues" but well worth it decent price and decent working machine. You get what you pay for here.

Dayton, OR


Hamilton Beach 12-Speed Blender

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