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Hairtrition 3 Minute Deep Moisture Treatment

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I really like this conditioner


Hairtrition 3-minute deep conditioner is good. I really like that it has a bunch of all-natural ingredients in it. It has coconut oil, flax seed oil, and a bunch of other stuff that I can't rememeber off the top of my head. It feels really good in my hair. I've even left it in overnight... it is so silky and rich and smooth. It smells good too, which is also a bonus. So, those are the pros... the cons are that is it kind of pricey. I bought mine at Sally's Beauty Supply and it was about 8 bucks for a little thing of it. But, they had it on sale when i bought it, buy one get one free, so i got it for like 4 bucks, so it wasnt too bad then.. if you just shop Sally's sales. Anyways, i definitely think it's worth a try. I like it!

Ogden, UT


Hairtrition 3 Minute Deep Moisture Treatment

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