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Holiday Chest Freezer #LCH0701PW

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lousy freezer


I wouldn't buy this freezer again !





This is a great freezer, especially if you like to have frozen meats on hand. Temperature Control I have never changed the temperature on my freezer, I don't even know if you can. It freezes and preserves things well, I haven't ever had any spoilage issues with this freezer. Capacity It's fairly large, you can fit large portions of meat inside of it, such as fresh salmon or meat from animals if you hunt. Ease of Cleaning It has a drain at the bottom where you can drain out all of the built up liquid on the sides. This is very convenient when it comes to cleaning. You can use an ice pick on the inside of it too if it's frozen. Durability I have had this freezer for many years and it is still performing to the best of its ability, like I just bought it yesterday. It is without a doubt a great brand and if this one ever went out on me, I would purchase the same brand. Design It's pretty cool, it comes with a lock and key so that kids can't play inside of it. On the inside there is a little shelf, or ledge and a basket that you can put items in. Very functional design.



Roomy and Quiet


This freezer, although it is very long, it does keep food cold and does not make a lot of noise at all. I use this fridge to keep foods such as tilapia, catfish, and chicken inside of it so that it can last long when I decide to use to to eat later on during the year. The freezer requires about two people to carry it since it is heavy and horizontal (and not vertical). It has a rack at the top so that people can put in frozen food items (such as breakfast items) inside so that it does not get crushed by any other heavy frozen food items. It is washable and easily removable for washing. The color of the freezer is all white and the lid is very easy to open (almost as if it swings open). One thing that I especially like about this freezer is its depth. It can store more frozen foods than other formal refrigerators because it is only a freezer and doesn't have a refrigerator attached to it, especially because I bought a lot of meat and fish lately and vegetables, so there is enough room to place it in the freezer. Temperature Control Sometimes there is some freezer burn, but it works. Capacity Its big enough for a person to fit half their body in, almost the equivalent of 2.5 storage bins. Ease of Cleaning I never had to clean it so far. Durability No damage and is very tough metal. Design Simple to open from the top.

Detroit, MI


Holiday Chest Freezer #LCH0701PW

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