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Garmin nuvi Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

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Great GPS


We got this as a Christmas gift and love it. The only issue I have with Garmin is that in order to update it frequently, you have to purchase the lifte time maps option, which makes it even more expensive. If you get that though, it's a great GPS and has gotten us through many, many trips! Processing Speed Directions come fast and are accurate. Map Quality & Accuracy If you buy the life time maps as well. If not, it could get out of date fairly quickly with road changes, construction, etc. Ease of Use Very easy to use. Very user-friendly

Summerville, SC


What a wonderful thing to have


I just upraded my Garmin Nuvi from a Garmin Nuvi 200 to a Garmin 285WT which is totally awesome and alot bigger...I love the spoken street names as well to tell me how many feet that I need to turn prior to the turn and the local traffic alert. For the first time ti updated me when I was taking my son to Basketball practice and boy was it amazing ! I did not realize the traffic that was up ahead because I was using the nice hands free, which is alot safer to drive with both hands on the wheel because I feel that I can concentrate on the road especially here in Columbus, people do not know how to drive around here. I also like the speed limit that is displayed in the bottom left hand corner whether or not I have a destination or not. The only problem that I do have with the garmin is that I have updated the 2010 map and it still does not have all of the points of intrest that it should have. My son's school is about 3 years  old and it still does not have the school in the system which I believe that it should.

Reynoldsburg, OH


Garmin Nuvi 285WT GPS delivers for such a good low price


     Great GPS device, easy to use; with features which will make your navigation as easy as possible. The receiver comes preloaded with maps of North-America, if you need some other areas such Canada, or Mexico, it will cost you to get those maps, and let me tell you they are not cheap!      The receiver comes with all the necessary cables to load or charge it using your PC or plugging it into your car's cigarret lighter.      I like the touch screen feature which lets you do every command with the tip of your fingers, also this receiver has a bluetooth connection for hands free calls. These features work flawlessly.    You can ad an SD card to increase memory or to carry other maps, This item also works as a picture viewer.      One of the cons is the rechargeable battery, it is not user-replaceable according to the manual.      This receiver would be great if it had an mp3 player feature included but for this price I would be asking to much.

Garden Grove, CA


Garmin nuvi Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

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