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GE Top Load Washer

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Wish I had bought a different washer!


Loved my last GE washer, but I had that one at least 8 years, before they decided to "improve" it, and I am not a fan of this "replacement". Yes, it's quiet, but it also makes clunking noises within the cycles. Yes, it uses less water, which is a good thing, but I want enough water to cover my clothes, and that does not happen unless you wash less clothes than the load level, and that's still no guarantee. You have to use the fabric softener dispenser as a result of the lower water level, and it clogs quickly, spitting out clumps after awhile. And I don't think it spins the water out nearly as well as it should. And, I've only had this washer less than two months! Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I want a washer that agitates the clothes with plenty of water so that I know they're getting clean. Really disappointed in this washer--wish I'd fixed my old one instead.



Saves water but does not rinse clothes adequately.


This is a very frustrating, annoying and aggravating machine to use. During the rinse cycle (if you wash a full load) the water level does not cover the clothes so they do not get rinsed properly. Due to the low water level it also ties dress shirts up in knots. If you stop the washer and move the dial to try to manually increase the water level to an adequate level in order to rinse clothes properly the machine is inconsistent in what it does next. Sometimes it fills up with more water and then drains without agitating or it agitates for just a few seconds and drains which wastes water. If you try to increase the water level before rinsing it sometimes fills up with far more water than you need which wastes water. You end up spending a lot of time standing by the washer watching what it is doing and vainly trying to adjust the water level, the duration of the agitation cycle, etc. If you want an eco friendly washer that saves water but does not rinse clothes properly then this is the washer for you. If however you want a washer that rinses clothes adequately then you will end up wasting a lot of water trying to get this machine to do so. It would be helpful if you could adjust the settings for adequate water level and agitation duration during the rinse cycle. I generously gave it 3 stars only because I have no idea how this machine compares to other similar washers. Are they all affected by government environmental regulations that limit how much water they can use during a cycle? Do they all have this same issue or is this only an issue with this specific model or GE washing machines in general? I don't want to unfairly single out this machine if the fault is due to government environmental regulations that impose restrictions on the design of all washing machines.



Great Basic GE Top Load Washer GTWN3000MOWS


This washer is a great mid priced basic workhorse of a washer. It has few bells and whistles but doesn't need them. I set the water level, temperature, speed and length of agitation, pull the button and walk away. The stainless steel tub has a great configuration and large capacity. My clothes get clean and the spin cycle is so efficient that the clothes are almost dry when I pull them from the washer. This has dramatically reduced drying time. The pulsed agitation option does send more vibration to the surrounding floor than I like so I generally run it on the regular agitation cycle which is very quiet. The spin cycle is also very quiet, the machine does not walk at all even with heavy rugs or a full load of jeans inside.

Cumberland, MD


GE Top Load Washer

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