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Top Load Washers
GE Top Load Washer

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For an afforable basic washer get a WCSR2090 by GE


This is your basic washer, with a large capacity. No bells or whistles. 3 load sizes, although I almost always use super. 3 temperature settings: cold cold, warm cold, hot cold, I keep mine on cold cold. I actually do all m y loads on Casuals, which states pulse agitate gentl, and medium wash time. They come out clean and carefree.  This model does have a bleach dispenser, but not a fabric softener. I just use the downy ball thrown on top.  My biggest complaint would be that when the top is open it will still wash, my old washer did not do this. So if the phone rings or a child calls and you walk away and forget about it you will find yourself rewashing, because it does not spin while open. Once in a while it will be unbalanced and do a little dance and shake action, along with the horrible bouncing noise, but I guess that is my fault for not properly arranging the clothing. Overall I am very happy with this product. No frills but clean clothes.

Dover, DE


GE Top Load Washer

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