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Fujifilm - FinePix A700

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FinePix A700 is a great camera!


I received this camera as a gift about 4 or so years ago.  It is a lot nicer than I expected.  Previous cameras I have owned, both film and digital, have broken after a few years or gone down in quality of photos.  Other than being a little greedy on battery power (it does run down the AA batteries fairly quick, and does not have the option of a wall charger), this camera has been excellent for taking pictures that can have a professional quality look without high prices for a professional model.  However, although the pictures are excellent, the video taking capabilities do leave somewhat to be desired.  Videos on this model tend to come out rather rough and jumpy rather than smooth. Portability is a plus with this model.  It's just the right size for a coat pocket, removing the need for a camera bag.  It has survived (in excellent condition) every environment from college to family get-togethers.

Leander, TX


This camera makes taking pictures fun again!


I love taking pictures of my children and pets.  One of the problems that I've had with previous cameras is that the picture (smile or funny face) is usually what I see right after the flash.  This camera has a feature that you can set it to to take one natural picture and one right after it that is taken with the flash.  Since they are taken one right after another I've gotten some great pictures.  Another one of my favorite features is the zoom.  This camera's 10X optical zoom is good for far away shots.  I also take a lot of action shots of my children dancing.  I get good shots from a long distance.  I don't use the digital zoom as much, but when I have used it I've liked it.  This camera can use either SD or XD cards.  I've never tried it with the XD card, but did splurge a little on the higher end SD card.  I'm able to put about  600 pictures on a card.  I take a lot of pictures and haven't been able to fill it up yet! The only thing I really don't like about this camera is that it takes AA batteries.  My previous camera was a Kodak that I was able to put on the charger,  I am spending a lot more money on batteries than I would like. 

Salt Lake City, UT


Reliable with good picture quality.


Good value with 7.3 megapixels, 3 x optical zoom, 6.3 digital zoom.  Inexpensive, yet takes great pictures.  I just wish it came with Vista compatible software.  I was able to use camera right away instead of having to go through a long list of instructions.   I would recommend this product to someone looking for an inexpensive digital camera that takes good quality pictures.  

Mountlake Terrace, WA


Fujifilm - FinePix A700

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