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Fresh Frozen Yam Patties

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My first and only experience with fresh frozen yam patties was over a year ago. I was told they would be good for baby food. At my local grocer's they were very reasonably priced so I thought it might be really good to try them out. My son had never given me a problem eating yams before so I figured it would be a good ideal and a lot more convenient for quick, easy meals. When I got ready to feed my son I started to mash up the yam pieces. I noticed right away that they were a bit stringy. I was confused because I had never seen anything like this before. Still, I carried on with the mashing. Once they were prepared I began feeding my son. He ate them at first but then he started to spit them out. I tasted them but they were freezer burned or at least, they tasted that way. The packaging that they come in needs to be improved. I am unsure of whether they are enjoyable because of the freezer burn as a result of the packaging.





I am a huge fan of yams so I thought that I would love these. I bought a pack and baked them in the oven with a glaze of brown sugar and cinnamon. They were awful! They have a very strong and funky taste! They did not taste like a yam at all! I tried adding melted marshmallows to the top to improve the taste and make them edible and they were still terrible. I threw the rest of them away.



Fresh Frozen Yam Patties

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