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Double Strollers
Fisher-Price Comfort-Lite Tandem LX 13156 Stroller

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Its rugged, comfortable, and great!


This stroller is a very great stroller for those looking for value. It is very heavy duty and has always done the job for me. I really enjoy the simplicity of it and it is easy to use. I have used it for 3 years and have never had a complaint except that at times it can be on the heavy side.

Collegedale, TN


FP Comfort-Lite...not so light!!!


We received this stoller as a gift.  We were so excited because Fisher-Price is a trusted name brand and we have a few other itemsfrom them that we like.  How bad could this be?!?  Well, the first time out, we headed to an Outlet Mall.  The walkways are narrow and the stores are crammed with merchandise.  I could only push the stroller inside the doors.  Then I had to find a place to "park it" while my sister did a bit of shopping. THere was no way I could even turn it around!  We continued our day and I was exhausted just trying to maneuver with this bulky stroller. We liked the dark blue color, and the comfort level for the kids.  We liked the sturdiness of the frame, and the ease of cleaning of the material used in the seats.  We also liked the storage.  There are lots of places to put toys, snacks, and packages bought from the day!  It is a little bit tough to fold down to pack in the car, but I can't expect too much... it is a double stroller.   If I had to do it all over again, I'd definately go with anpther stroller.

Ellwood City, PA


Don't buy the fisher price double stroller


I went the cheaper route and bought the fisher price double stroller.  It was a mistake.  This thing is so hard to maneuver It makes it useless.  Maybe if you have one year old twins this stroller would work, but once they get much bigger it makes this stroller very hard to push.  I always put the heavier child in the back seat, which helps, but this stroller just doesn't have the features I should have paid a little bit more money for.  The double strollers seemed like a big investment so I went with the cheapest one we could find at walmart. NOT a good idea.  I would definitely find one with bigger wheels and test it out to make sure it can turn with kids actually in the stroller.  It is a paint o take to the mall or anywhere for that matter.  I wish I would have gone with a sit and stand model, or even a jogging stroller which would have probably been much easier to handle.  I definitely wouldn't recommend this stroller!

South Jordan, UT


Fisher-Price Comfort-Lite Tandem LX 13156 Stroller

2.7 3