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Everstar Blender

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Awful experience.


Stinks. Smelled and made drinks taste like lubricant! I washed it by hand, in the dishwasher and tried vinegar, bleach and dish washing liquid several times. Nothing got rid of the awful taste and smell! Had to throw it into the garbage. What a waste of money.



This Everstar Blender is Awesome!


I receive this Everstar Blender over a year ago and have used it many, many times.  It is the best blender I have ever had.  In it, my family has made milkshakes, mixed drinks, and health drinks and we have been happy with each and every one.  The blender basically has three speeds.  The low speed is all that is needed for most items and the high speed will chop ice into your drink with no problems and it leaves you with no large, sharp pieces that will cut your lips or throat.  There is also a pulse feature so that you can have more control over the blending and you can also use this feature while cleaning.  The Everstar Blender is easy to clean in warm, sudsy water.  The large capacity container with a very wide mouth helps with clean-up and allows you to easily include the items you and to mix without making a mess.  The pour spout allows you to pour your finished product straight into a glass or bowl. 

Blountville, TN


Everstar Blender

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