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Cruzan Pineapple Rum

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There's alcohol in this?


The flavor was good, but the alcohol content is questionable. Was not trying to get drunk, but I polished off at least half a bottle and didn't even get a buzz. I've had less CM Gold rum and got a good buzz off of it.



Great for blended drinks!


Cruzan in general is a great rum brand to use for fruity mixed cocktails. If you like the more simple drinks it works well with ginger ale, sprite and other clear sodas. It's also great mixed with juices if you prefer juice drinks. I usually only buy this brand when I'm making specialty drinks like spiked punches or blended cocktails. If you like pineapple, the pineapple Cruzan rum is honestly amazing. It's sweet yet citrusy and isn't overpowering. It's subtle and perfect to add just a little extra to any drink. Also, the pineapple mixes well with pretty much any other fruit flavor making it very adaptable to whatever you happen to have at home!



How can you go wrong with pineapple rum?!?!?


Oh my goodness!!  If you're a fan of pineapple flavor & rum, what could be better?!?!?   I enjoy this on the rocks and mixed in a variety of drinks.   Cruzan did a wonderful job with this blend.   Though I'm not a fan of their regular flavored rum, this pineapple is da bomb, baby!!!

Phoenix, AZ


Excellent end to a hot day!


I have tried several of the flavoured rums, in a couple brands. The Cruzan Pineapple is by far my favorite. Added to a limeade and some ice, relax back in your lounge chair and a long, hot day working in the garden will vanish. Used instead of flavouring in a simple sugar cookie and it adds a zing that will have them coming back for more, so you better double the batch. It wasn't too overpowering, nor did it disappear when mixed in drinks, which others had. Straight up on the rocks is also a favorite when I entertain the crew, so I keep it on hand at all times.

Syracuse, NY


Cruzan Pineapple Rum

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