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CoverGirl Professional Natural Lash Mascara

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A good basic product for lashes and brows


I have two tubes of CoverGirl Professional Natural Lash Mascara, one for my eyelashes and one for my eyebrows. First, for eyelashes, I am usually a dramatic mascara lover, but when I am going for a very minimal no-makeup makeup look, I use this mascara to hold curl and give a separated, natural and defined look. It works well for that purpose, and while it does not give any dramatic results, it works well for what it is for. As I said, I also use this CoverGirl clear mascara on my eyebrows. Even though it is not specifically made for that, I use it to keep my eyebrows in line and it provides good hold. It keeps my eyebrows perfectly in place all day, and also gives them a very slight glossiness that adds to the all-over polished and pulled-together look that I try to achieve. I use this mascara only occasionally on my lashes, but I use it on my brows every day and I would really miss this product if it were no longer around.

Santa Fe, NM


Great Looking Eyes


This product is great. It has a clear version which you can use also to set your brow like a brow gel. It gives your brow a great shape and those of us with brows that are a little wild really appreciate the chance to have neat brows. I love it and use it every day.

Cornwall, NY


CoverGirl Professional Natural Lash Mascara

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