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Combe Incorporated
Combe Incorporated Grecian Formula 16 Cream

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Combe Incorporated Grecian Formula 16 Cream


WOW this stuff really really works, I bought it for my husband last year and he has been using it since, and it works exactly as it says it would, your hair starts to gradually turn back to its natural color,  it is the best, and you do not have to color your hair with those other dies where your scalp burns and you always have to touch up after about accouple of weeks, with Grecian Formula you just put it in your hair after you have your shower for the day and it does the rest with no chemical smells, that is a big plus, I so am loving this product.

Washington, DC


Couldn't add color with a crayon.


I was getting the itch to look for a new job three years ago and thought that my gray hair made me look older than I felt. I thought a prospective employer might think twice about hiring a gray-haired geezer but would look more favorably at the younger, more vigorous person I felt I was. Therefore, I searched for men's hair color solutions and first tried Grecian Formula 16 Cream. **What It Is** Grecian Formula 16 Cream is a white cream that you rub into your hair. It is very easy to use and it makes no mess whatsoever. It takes just a minute or so to apply, then you comb your hair and the cream acts a little like an old-fashioned men's hair tonic. The cream has a moderate perfumed smell, something like an aftershave. I didn't mind it but my wife found it overpowering. The directions say that you must use Grecian Formula 16 Cream for at least three months to see a difference. I used it for more than six months. **What It Did** Nothing... it did absolutely nothing. I saw no change in the shade of my hair, despite really wanting to see a difference. After one tube of the product had no effect, I bought another and used it up as well. Nada... nothing. Grecian Formula 16 Cream had no effect at all on my hair. Coupled with my wife's dislike of the smell, I discontinued my experiment with Grecian Formula 16 Cream. **Details** One interesting thing about all the formulations of Grecian Formula 16: The chemical element lead is a central part of the coloring process. Day after day of rubbing a lead compound into my hair began to be a little unsettling, particularly since it did not add the slightest color. The company (Combe Incorporated, the same company that makes Just For Men hair color) states that the lead in Grecian Formula 16 is tied up in a way that is non-toxic. That may be true and I might have overlooked the lead content if the product had worked. However, it didn't work at all and I switched to a different product. **Summary** Your mileage may be different but Grecian Formula 16 Cream did not work at all for me. I ultimately switched to a different product that worked and yes... I did get a new job.

Annandale, VA


Combe Incorporated Grecian Formula 16 Cream

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